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Hi, Joanne.

Have been meaning to write to congratulate you on your late night show for ages.

It’s excellent and you must surely be up for an award or two sometime soon.

What with that and you and Simon on Saturday mornings, radio listening is almost perfect.

All we need now is for you two to take over the early morning show and it would be…

Surely you could grab a few hours sleep somewhere along the way!

All the best and hang in there.


Dear JoAnne Good,

How are you!

I am a Chinese fan of yours, my name is Gao Wei , I love you very much!

In China, here some like me fans support you. I expect that you can come to China one day.

I have a dream: I long to get two autograph cards of yours. Can you help me to realize this dream ? If I get it, I will collection it forever!

I long to get your letter soon. Thanks a lot!

I wish you will have more success. Give my best regards to you and your family. Best wishes to you!

Yours Sincerely
Gao Wei

Good evening Joanne

Do you realise your show reminds me of my mum and dad holding dinner parties back in the 1960's where i was to young and had to sit in my bedroom while the adults sat round the table with the hostess trolley and fondue set underway.

And now im an adult I feel that I'm sitting round your table with your guests and able to join in but with a cup of horlicks.

Cheers Marc in Bletchley Towers

Dear JoAnne,

I  love your show so much I have virtually turned nocturnal; I love the way you engage your listeners in such a way that it seems you're talking to everyone individually as their very best  friend.
I just wanted to add to your discussion from last night's midnight society about the UK's teenagers and depression. I am an eighteen and I think it is too easy to say that this generation has it the best because every single teenage generation before had it better than their predecessors. I do not think things are going downhill with my generation but actually that they are going up-do you not think that it is a bit odd that every single things that occurs concerning teenagers no matter how positive is always distorted to make us seem as depressed, sex-obsessed and the worst breed ever.
Take exam results-they have been getting better every single year for the past 25 years but apparently this means that the exams are getting easier, not that we are more responsible and forward-thinking with our education. Also, with the student protests; it's not that we are getting more involved in our futures and the politics of it all including questioning the position society puts us in, it is more that we have turned anarchic and are have violent wild parties in streets. We are not much ,more or less depressed than any other previous teenage generation, but our needs have just evolved into arguably more sensible and relevant ones such as getting lower tuition fees.

Maybe people have short-term memories. Mind you in a couple of years I will no longer be part of "us" but just an observer as to what teens get up to by then.

I hope you read this.

Thank you!!

from Zora xxxxx

Hi Joanne.

Late last night I accidentally tuned into your show on radio london. Wowee.. I am so happy I did. you now have a devoted fan. The music played was incredible (millie jackson to name one). Your chat is ace, your callers were interesting to say the least. I know I am a day late but Eastenders v Corry. I just want to point out that having just moved back down to london after 10 years up north. It should be pointed out that them up there and us down here are really two different breeds (?) types. London (Eastenders) being considerably more street wise and cosmopolitan whereas them up north (Coronation Street) are, difficult to politely put on paper, a little less so.  Basically anything and everything can happen down here where northerners are a little narrower in mind and more basic. I feel that over the years this has been put over so well by both channels. Again thank you for the first of many a show, I hope, even if you did keep me awake till 2. (god bless the time machine called the internet). Happy New Year to you and yours.

David Brodie

HI JoAnne,

I just discovered your show, and I must say that as an American who loves everything English it is a joy to listen to, which I do on my computer at work.  You have a new fan.  I was in London a few months ago and if I could I would move there in a minute.  I love hearing from your guests and get a kick out of your discussions on life in the UK and trust me the same issues and the same problems are universal. 

Don Wright
Bellevue, WA USA

Hello Joanne!

I just would like to tell you how much I like your show! I listen to you everyday on iplayer as I live in Poland. Such interesting are the topics you talk about, that it’s difficult to stop listening or just go to the kitchen for a cuppa! I particularly like listening to you before going to bed for it’s good for my English.  I once visited London and I did like that city. Glad you live there! Are there any photos of you in your studio on the Internet? I’d like how your workplace looks.

Take care,

Marcin from Poland

PS  How do you manage to stay up that long to be on the show?
September 2010

Hi Joanne:

I would just like to thank you for your wonderful show each night. I was a long time fan of Lbc until i discovered you! I hope to listen to you for many years to come  and have told many friends to tune in.

Sue x
September 2010 

Hi Joanne:

I'm writing from Miami Beach, Florida and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your show. It comes on at 5pm in the afternoon here and I look forward to it so much. Your guests, topics and music are all really interesting, sophisticated, smart and compelling. You make listening to the radio a joy.

I'm also the editor in chief of Glamour Quotient magazine and would love to interview you for the magazine one day. I've interviewed Robin Quivers, Howard Stern's sidekick, the actress Vivica A. Fox and British transplant and businesswoman Pippa Lister. You can see those interviews here, Please let me know if we can arrange that. I can send you questions via email or we can do a phone interview.

I'm also a former columnist for USA Today and writer for magazines like Men's Fitness, Budget Travel and Marie Claire, among others. Please visit my personal site to see more,

One more thing.... I loved the article below and thought it would make a great topic for the show one day, to either discuss with guests or for Midnight Society (I promise I'm not trying to take Mel's job!). Let me know what you think.

From CNN: Still single? What's the matter with you?

Andrea Marie Thompson
Editor in chief/Senior Writer
The Glamour Quotient

Joanne, I am listening to your show every morning on my way to work in Hong Kong.
I love your show and your voice � It has become my favorite routine in the morning and is the highlight of my journey to work, if not the day.

My Childhood legacy is quite the opposite of yours;
My Dad was a very proud and funny Greek, whom I adored. He was obsessed with switching the lights off everywhere.
Unfortunately he died tragically in a car accident in Greece and I miss him terribly. I know religiously turn the lights off
after my husband, it makes me remember my Dad and I feel I carry on his legacy.


August 2010

Hi Jo,

Just wanted to say hi!! I listen to you every day online from Los Angeles (I am a Londoner with roots in Notting Hill and NW London). I heard my friend Jont on your show yesterday. It was so fantastic!!!! Jont is such a great guy - I met him I guess about 10 years ago - used to go see him play often at London's 12 Bar club on Denmark Street, and regular other 'Unlit' events. A couple of years ago my friend Eddie and I hosted a mini unlit with Jont at Eddies old converted pub in Stoke Newington. Hope I can catch his next event when I visit in August, but just wanted to say thanks so much for having him on your show - it made the best radio show on air extra fab!!!

M.x July 2010

Hey JoAnne,

I'm a New Listener and I think your show is fantastic I started listening because my partner Ajay is studding for a exam so i put the radio on and got  hooked on you love ya loads and wish you was on weekends as well love Barking At The Moon and listening to matilda snooring take care.
Carol Bucks July 2010

Hi JoAnne,

A note to say thank you for making me laugh (again). This time it was Monday's show and the classic JoAnne Good lines:

... stepping over a girl to get to the picnic table - that's not a euphemism! ...


... with people dropping their cheese on her ...

Hilarious. Wish your show wasn't on so late but with lines like those it is perhaps a good thing it is.

Anyway another new fan here and look forward to the next show.

EB July 2010

Hi Jo,

I just had to just write to you! I've just spent the last few days away in Spain on my own trying to find myself....(Going through a messy divorce and all that).

Not having spoken to anyone (literally)for 5days except airport/hotel and the odd bar staff...I was feeling low coming back to the a life of almost object misery! But having listen to your show for the last hour I'm so glad I'm back, you have just lifted my spirits, your husky voice, the house band, sexy voice of Pippa and the Italian lady...even the lawyer - have just made me laugh so much, to the point where I was sitting at some traffic lights and the couple in the car next to me must have thought I was a local looney!!!

Sorry for my ramble, but I just wanted to say how your show/life - life on show has made me laugh and smile!

Keep doing what you guys do, loving the show.

Raj July 2010