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January  2010

From Monday 11th January 2010 JoAnne Good will be presenting the late night show on BBC London 10pm-2am

June  2008

Youth arrested on the set of The Bill

A youth watching The Bill being filmed was arrested by real cops on the set.

The wanted offender thought all the boys in blue were ITV1 actors and did not notice the officers running up.

Guest star Joanne Good, BBC London DJ, was in the scene being shot on a housing estate in Mitcham, London.

She said: "The road had been closed off, so genuine policemen were there too.

"One must have spotted the lad they wanted to speak to in the crowd of people."

Source 'The Mirror' 14/06/2008 The Sun 24/06/2008


JoAnne Good soon to appear in The Bill click for more information. 

Joanne Good - The Bill - 18th September 2008


May 2008

JoAnne Good at the New York Premier of Sex In the City
27th May 2008

Sex in the City NY 28th May 2008


How I sneaked a part in THAT movie - even if I did only appear for nanoseconds

By JoAnne Go Last updated at 07:41am on 14th May 2008

The plotline was guarded more closely than the shop window at Tiffany's, with actors and production staff all sworn to secrecy.

Even journalists who saw sneak uncut previews were forced to sign nondisclosure agreements. So, for the average Sex And The City fan, the past few months have been a hellishly long wait.

And I'm not just your ordinary devotee. Since day one, when Carrie first tottered through Manhattan in that ridiculous pink tutu and those vertiginous heels, I have been a total SATC obsessive.

I followed the lives of Ms Bradshaw, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda so closely that I can tell you what size Jimmy Choos they wear, and how they like their Martinis. To me, Manhattan, their home, is quite simply the sexiest place on the planet.

jo Good
See more pictures of JoAnne at the premier.

Extra and the City: How actress Jo Good would have looked shoulder-to-shoulder with the cast at this week's premiere

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Women play second fiddle to men on radio, says top female presenter.

By Ciar Byrne, Arts and Media Correspondent

The Indepenent Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Click to see full story.


April 2008

Christian O'Connell "hijack attempt" ends in disaster for Virgin jock

See full story.


February 2008

February 2008
Joanne Good and George Webley
attend Sex in the City Wedding in Cannes.

Confessions of a Sex and the City wedding crasher

JoAnne Good at Sex In The City Wedding film

Fans of TV presenter JoAnne Good and her composer partner George Webley - who arranged the music for The Office and Have I Got News For You - will be taking a special interest in the forthcoming film of Sex And The City.

The couple, who have their own shows on BBC London Radio, have just returned from filming scenes for the movie, in which they are cast as British friends of Carrie Bradshaw and part of her "wedding party".

"One of the producers is an avid listener and, after meeting them, pronounced Jo a Brit Carrie and decided to get them into the film," I am told.

Former session player Webley has another Hollywood fan - Brad Pitt, to whom he sends tapes of his shows every month.


November 2007

JoAnne Good and Julian Clary in OK magazine.
Click to see full story

Julian talks about his freindship with JoAnne

July 2007

JoAnne reveals her July 2007 Highlights


February 2007

Joanne and Roland in Dale's supermarket challenge.


September 2006

JoAnne and Jono BBC London 94.9

Click to watch JoAnne and Jono's latest promo.
JoAnne Good worked with Jono Coleman on the BBC London breakfast show during 2006.

JoAnne Good and Jono Coleman proudly pose with their Gold Gillard award

Jo and Jono with their Gold Gillard award

JoAnne and Jono winners of the Frank Gillard award September 2006


Spring 2006

JoAnne at the Cutty Sark commentating on this years marathon.

Every week on Saturday Breakfast show JoAnne, Pete and Baylen run a where are we competition here they all went to Caranby Street.

JoAnne Good in running for Desert Island Gamble

PUNTERS PILE ON PALIN....Bookmakers William Hill have slashed the price of Michael Palin becoming the next presenter of Desert Island Discs from 8/1 to 5/1 as punters piled in to show their support for the former Python. David Dimbleby has lengthened slightly from 3/1 to 4/1 but remains the favourite.
"Punters have left us in no doubt who they think should be the next presenter and I am sure that in the course of his travels he must have visited many deserts and many Islands, he will know exactly what one should pack!" said Hills spokesman Rupert Adams William Hill Next Permanent Presenter of Desert Island Discs: 4/1 David Dimbleby; 5/1 Michael Palin; 6/1 Andrew Marr; Michael Parkinson; 7/1 Jenni Murray; Johnathen Dimbleby; 8/1 Sue McGregor; 10/1 Sarah Kennedy; Jeremy Vine; Johnny Walker; Kirsty Wark; Mathew Bannister; Martha Kearney; 12/1 Jeremy Paxman; 14/1 Victoria Darbyshire; Terry Wogan; Fi Glover; Eddy Mair; 20/1 Ken Bruce; 20/1 Gyles Brandreth; Nicky Campbell; Simon Mayo; Jonathan Ross; 25/1 Clive Anderson; 25/1 Sir Trevor McDonald; Tony Blackburn; Steve Wright; 50/1 Alan Partridge; 50/1 Chris Evans; 66/1 Johnny Vegas; Joanne Goode; 100/1 Davina MaCall.
More information...

New Years Eve 2005

 JoAnne Good BBC London 94.9 Somerset House New Years Eve 2005

 JoAnne and the team at Somerset House New Years Eve 2005
Click for more pictures.