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JoAnne Good's - Regular Guests






Paul Gilbert - Attorney

Paul Gilbert

Paul first came to Jo’s attention after she bumped into him at the BBC after seeing him on the sofa on “Richard & Judy”.  Since then he has been commenting on legal issues (and a whole host of other allegedly related issues) with Jo on her shows on various BBC Radio stations across the land.

As a celebrity lawyer Paul has acted in a variety of different matters (when you get the phone call it means something needs to be!).   He appears regularly on TV and radio commenting on legal stories in the news see some extracts on You Tube).  He firmly believes that the law can be explained simply, so it is understood by everyone, not just lawyers.

Pipa Gordon - Broadcaster and Musician

Pipa Gordon
Visit Pipa's website

"Pipa is a Broadcaster, Editor of online Women's magazine The Raphael Project, Mum of two and "part-time" Singer/Songwriter. She hosts Beauty and Fashion shows on QVC and joins us every Tuesday night to add her opinion and take on whatever is happening in the world that day!...beware, it can get heated!!


Russ Kane - Writer and Broadcaster

Russ Kane
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Writer and broadcaster Russ Kane is best-known publicly as ‘The Flying Eye’ when he was Chris Tarrant’s on-air sparring partner for 20 years on London’s Capital Radio Breakfast Show (1984-2004) during which time he flew over 1.5 million miles in his famous ‘Little Blue Plane.


Wendy Salisbury - Author

Wendy Salisbury
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"I was born in London to a Russian mother and Argentinian father. Educated at the French Lycee, I'd learned how to flirt in four languages by the time I was 15."


Anna Webb - PR For Pets

Anna Webb
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Dogs have played a massive part in my life for as long as I can remember! My eight year old Furkid - a Miniature Bull Terrier  called Molly has taught me so many lessons and inspired a hobby for training dogs. We've written magazine reviews, showed at Crufts and performed in a canine dance troupe. I took part in CBBC's Underdogs Show, hosted by Julian Clary. Molly and I met Jo when filming for the BBC Inside Out program - 'Furkids'.  

Fulfilling my maternal instincts, Molly had one litter five years ago and I kept her son Ziggy. He has starred in Animal Planet's Top Dog and made appearances on both Dragon's Den and The Alan Titchmarsh show.  I  believe all animals, but particularly dogs, make us human.

 Bibi Lynch - Journalist

Bibi Lynch presented the What Men Want series for Living TV; she was the contributing editor of Red Magazine, sex columnist for GQ magazine, a regular contributor to the Joanne Good show on BBC London and the creator of Dead Famous for Living TV. Bibi's other television credits include presenting Living TV's coverage of the Bachelor of the Year Show, and contributions to Naked Ambition (for Channel 5) and Sex on the Job (Sky One).






Bill Buckley - Broadcaster and Journalist

Bill Buckley
Visit Bill's website

Bill Buckley joins JoAnne Good every Wednesday to review restaurants and theatres in London.

Bill is a proud to be a member of the prestigious Guild of Food Writers.

In Spring of 2005, Bill won the London week of C4’s cookery and party-giving competition, Come Dine with Me. He's also cooked professionally on television, on Five’s Open House with Gloria Hunniford and several times on the Carlton Food Network.